Brent Michael Kelley lives in Northern Wisconsin with his wife, son, and hairless dogs. When he isn’t writing or making wine, he likes sitting around a campfire and exploring insanity through the magic of books. He keeps his readers informed about his perfectly normal–and 100% legal–activities at He’s the author of three novels, several short stories, eight recipes and the first half-sentence of a biography that will never be published. He swears that more Chuggie adventures are on the way, and you totally believe him.

Here is his breathtaking author photo that, against your will, you can’t stop staring at.

bmk author photo

Rest assured, dear reader, the next Chuggie book is on the way. And so is the next Chuggie short story. And more merch designs. Some other wonderful Chuggie-related projects that are so top secret we can’t even mention them here. I won’t stop writing about Chuggie, his friends, and their adventures until I am too crazy and/or dead to continue. Maybe I won’t even stop then. In the words of Stan Lee, “You keep reading ’em, I’ll keep writing ’em.”

Sincere thanks for stopping by Chuggie’s website. We hope you enjoyed your visit, and stop back soon. New stuff is always on the way.

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